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BIX provides local peering facility for its customers there by ensuring that two networks can exchange traffic locally without travelling through the internet. This gives more control of the traffic, improves quality, lower latency and reduced cost.



Private Peering


Peering directly via a cross connect

Public Peering


Peering over an IXP

Network Resiliency


Helps to deliver high performance

Direct access


Direct access to mainstream traffic as well regional traffic


Dramatic savings


Dramatic savings through minimized bandwidth utilization fees/minimized transit costs

Optimal IP traffic


Optimal primary and secondary IP traffic routing options

IPV4 and IPV6


IPV4 and IPV6 capable

Up to 99.9%


Always-On Availability



Bank & MicroFinances


Best fit for Financial institutions which require secured data transfer between head office and branches without the need to go through public Internet.

Nationwide Businesses


For businesses with multiple branches, franchises, or sales offices in different areas in the cities or different provinces.




Carrier-grade technology


Get the best possible speed & reliability with carrier-grade SDH and MetroEthernet, completed with automatic fail-over in splits seconds.

Dedicated Speed


Enjoy the lowest possible latency and highest throughput thanks to our unparralled expertise in network optimization.

Safe & Secure Optical Fiber


Available with BIX’s MetroLink underground & secure Access Fiber in major cities.

Experiened Engineers


Supported 24/7 by expertises in network routing, best practices, optimization and security with over 30+ year combined experiences.



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