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BIX provides IP-Transit service providing the best route selection for the destination to the internet with built-in redundancy and fault-tolerance, offering carrier-grade services to the ISPs as well as government entities. Guaranteed performance level in critical areas such as throughput, packet loss and latency with almost 100% availability. All these supported with industry-standard SLAs.



Tier 1


Connect to every part of the Internet

Up to 10Gbps


Ultimate Scalability

Ultra Low Latency


Optimized for shortest & best throughput

Symmetric bandwidth


Private & Public Peerings


Anti- DDoS


Prevents DDoS/DoS attacks

Capacity Based


Ultimate Flexibility



End to end IPv4/IPv6



Always-On Availability



Large Corporate


IP Transit is suitable for corporates with their own IP address space and ASN

ISP or Mobile Operators


ISPs, Telecom or Mobile Operators who require large banwdith to resell and redistribute to end users.




Carrier-grade technology


Get the best possible speed & reliability with carrier-grade BGP routing, completed with automatic fail-over in splits miliseconds.

Dedicated Speed


Enjoy the lowest possible latency and highest throughput to and from major internet hubs and  thanks to our unparralled expertise in network optimization.

Large Corporate


Available with BIX’s MetroLink underground & secure Access Fiber in  major cities.

Experiened Engineers


Supported 24/7 by expertises in network routing, best practices, optimization and security with over 30+ year combined experiences.



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